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Factors Affecting Speed

Share This: What does every athlete want? To get faster, right? Speed is generally the most affective element in sports performance. Here are the top three Factors affecting speed; genetics, muscle fiber type and body composition FACTORS AFFECTING SPEED: #1 GENETICS For many decades it was believed that the speed of an athlete was all about genetics. Genetics clearly play a…
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Program Design

Share This: Program Design sets the foundation of your work. Organizing your plan is by far the most important elements in your training protocol.  Establishing a program design that meets your needs is the first step. We will discuss the foundation of a linear periodization. Starting from easier and progressing to harder. The main concept of the entire training program is…
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Functional Movement System

Share This: Train Quality Over Quantity-I have been using the Functional Movement System philosophies in my program design for awhile now. I have recently added the Y-Balance Testing protocol as well . My beliefs and methodologies have been based around this training systems for quite some time, but have had no baseline screening system for classifying if someone is able…
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