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Strength Coach or Personal Trainer

Strength Coach or Personal Trainer, whats the difference? If you’re looking to improve both your fitness and your athletic ability, you might find yourself unsure of the difference between a personal trainer and a sports performance coach. You might also find yourself questioning which one is best for you. I recommends taking a look at your goals and using the following information…
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Factors Affecting Speed

What does every athlete want? To get faster, right? Speed is generally the most affective element in sports performance. Here are the top three Factors affecting speed; genetics, muscle fiber type and body composition FACTORS AFFECTING SPEED: #1 GENETICS For many decades it was believed that the speed of an athlete was all about genetics. Genetics clearly play a part in…
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Program Design

Program Design sets the foundation of your work. Organizing your plan is by far the most important elements in your training protocol.  Establishing a program design that meets your needs is the first step. We will discuss the foundation of a linear periodization. Starting from easier and progressing to harder. The main concept of the entire training program is to make…
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