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Muscle Fibers: Composition and Performance

MUSCLE FIBERS Muscle is one of the four basic tissue types and, depending on your age, gender and activity level, comprises anywhere from one-quarter to one-half of your body’s mass. Within that mass exist three main types of muscle fibers, the distribution of which is affected by genetics, hormones and training. Understanding the characteristics of these different types will help…
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Improve Performance and Reduce Pain

PERFORMANCE Want to improve your performance and reduce muscle pain? Self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques may help you achieve your goals and speed up rehabilitation from injury. To understand SMR, you need a background on the myofascial system, myofascial pain and myofascial release. MYOFASCIA The fascia is a dense layer of connective tissue that covers all organs and internal structures of the…
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Avoid Overtraining

Bio-Hack your nervous system avoid overtraining, improve recovery and maximum performance. Athletes’ bodies can withstand accumulated stress and adapt to physical challenges. However, if rigorous exercise is combined with other stressful activities, such as a hectic routine, insufficient sleep, and so on, the body may fail to adjust. This may lead to overtraining which will have an adverse effect on…
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Hydration Considerations

Officially the American College of Sports Medicine has published literature on the subject of hydration and its affect on Exercise. There is often confusion on the methods of assessing your hydration status and how to actually calculate it. Take note to the replacement recommendations below and the guided calculation example. This position provides guidance on fluid replacement to sustain appropriate…
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