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“I highly recommend Don to anyone seeking to improve his or her functional performance. Don is a one who truly goes above and beyond to meet the precise needs of each and every athlete he works with. His knowledge of orthopedics offers him an ability to address functional limitations while simultaneously balancing his scope of practice and that of his collogues.”

Dr. Lisa O’Ragan DPT
Owner, O’ragan Physical Therapy

“Coach Don has truly impressed me with his command of complex medical concepts. His performance acumen is head and shoulders above others I have seen in the industry.”

Dr. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FASC
Former Team Physician US Pentathlon Team 

“Coach Don is an amazing resource! He has a simple and straightforward approach to human performance. Do it right, start with the basics, and only progress a client once he/she has earned it. Simple, effective, no fluff! Don is truly an asset to his clients, his peers, and the industry.”

Dr. Michelle L. Kuster Ph.D., NSCA-CPT

“In my 20+ years in the industry, I have met very few people with his grasp of anatomy and physiology. Moreover, Don is able to take this knowledge and effectively share it with athletes. Don has become known as our “fix it” guy and of whom I have regularly sent individuals with postural or other biomechanical issues to him to learn various corrective exercise regimens. Don takes great pride in helping others and teaching them so that they can return to full activity.”

Ryan Andrews MS, CSCS

“Don Pump is one of the most knowledgeable and educated Coaches I have worked with. His understanding of biomechanics, human performance, movement patterns, and the kinetic chain is comprehensive and thorough. He has taught me to identify and correct deficiencies in movement patterns and has also helped me to rehabilitate my own shoulder movement pattern deficiencies. He is a resource that I go to when I am perplexed about movement patterns. He has helped me to become a better professional and has challenged me to advance my own knowledge base. He is an asset and a resource for industry professionals. He is extremely well versed at identifying, correcting, strengthening and conditioning the human movement system. Don Pump is someone who I can go to with movement related questions that would normally never get answered. His education coupled with experience is not only notable but also extensive and impressive. Every conversation with Don is a learning opportunity and extremely educational. He is professorial in his approach to the human body and I am honored and privileged to learn from him.”


“Coach Pump is legit! He knows what works and what is nonsense. He teaches you things you never thought existed. If I had any of his programs in high school I can only imagine how much better, I would have been. Now we pave the way to a new level of performance. Any program who passes on the opportunity to work with Coach Pump is crazy.”

Triston Pebria  (Running Back)

“Coach Don is a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to share that knowledge. Don pushed me to want to know more and in doing so, made me excited about my future in the industry.

Abre May CSCS

“Before coming out to Hawaii and working with Don I would experience back pain so severe that it would limit my practice time and keep me from completing my scheduled time on the course. I sought out a strength coach to help improve my driving performance, which I did, but also got a stronger core and eliminated my back pain in the process.”

Jun-won Park
Korean Professional Golf Association (KPGA)

I worked with Coach Don in order to prepare for both the USA Rugby national and Olympic teams. I thought I was in pretty good shape but after an assessment, I realized that there were a lot of necessary improvements to be made. Coach Don took me through a series of tests to assess my strengths and weaknesses. He developed a plan of action and after only a few weeks of training, I can see dramatic improvements in my running form, cardiovascular condition, and joint stability. His professionalism and sports specific program design have already translated to the rugby pitch. I highly recommend this program for any athlete looking to take their training to the next level!”

Ashley Sorensen
US Armed Forces National Team, USA Rugby
NCAA Division 1 Rugby All American, U.S. Military Academy at West Point
Former Legends Football League (LFL) Baltimore Charm

“Working with Coach Don gave me a tremendous advantage moving up to the NCAA ranks and ultimately the US Olympic Trials. He really helped my dryland work and gave me the advantage I needed to take my swimming to the next level.”

Collegiate Swimmer
US Olympic Trials Qualifier

“I highly recommend Coach Don Pump to any athlete looking to improve their performance. After a lifetime of performance athletics, I have had the pleasure of experiencing USA Gymnastics at its highest levels. Now coaching young gymnasts I can appreciate what was missing for so many years. Coach Don offer’s youth athletes the directional focus required to excel in a lifetime of athletic endeavors.   Not only is this program a vital element in the development of young athletes but an even greater tool for sports coaches on every level.”

Jennifer Smith
Coach, USA Gymnastics
US National Training Camp

“In the last 12 years of military service, I have had a reputation of “being in shape”. I thought I was the “Top Dog” when it came to exercise. I could run fast (sub 18 minute 5k) and lift weights. After meeting Don, and being educated as to what actual fitness is… I am now in THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE AT 30 YEARS OLD… Don’s acute knowledge of the human body and advanced technology coupled with his guidance and training regime has not only improved my physical appearance and performance but my overall health and well-being. I am proud and grateful to exercise, and look in the mirror and say “WOW I’m actually in shape” thanks to Don Pump.”

Nathaniel Dreyer, GySgt USMC Professional MMA fighter

“I am a former collegiate wrestler who has been in the military for the last 14 years. I was recently selected for a special assignment that will require me to elevate both my mental and physical conditioning. I thought I was in decent shape and that I knew how to train for this next assignment based on my prior training methods and mentality. Don showed me how much I didn’t know after a few sessions. He identified my weaknesses and immediately started to work on them using specific techniques tailored towards my future needs. What was awesome was he didn’t use a “beat you down” routine you commonly see in certain training circuits to accomplish my goals. He established a program using the TRX system along with kettlebells, a foam roller, and a running program. This training regimen started to correct my weaknesses while making an obvious difference in both my mental and physical condition. Don is a highly educated, knowledgeable, dedicated, no-nonsense trainer who will identify your weaknesses and exploit them using a total body training program specific to you, your goals, and your fitness level. He will elevate you mentally and physically along with educating you on the right way to train and meet your goals.”

W S, MAJ U.S. Army, Special Operations

“I wanted to thank you for all of your work over the last year. You are now looking at a team member of the D4 champions for inline hockey! Not bad for my first season! I would never have had the confidence to start a new sport at 43 years old without training with you. It is great to be able to show my daughter that perseverance and hard work can get you through. I thought that I might be warming the bench for most of the games, but my training sessions with you improved my overall condition, core strength, and speed. I had the endurance, and speed to make a contribution to the team, so I rotated through the line up just like everyone else. Thanks again!”

Malia Cox 

Former US National Team